No. Description Qty. Removal notes Installation notes Details
1 Casing and heat exchanger 1 Remove coil spring and shock absorber on left hand side of axle Check casing for corrosion and heat exchanger for combustion deposits Removal/Installation
2 Bonded rubber mounting 4   Check bolts for tightness in rubber mountings  
3 Lock washer B6 4      
4 Hexagon nut M6 4      
5 Clamp for exhaust pipe 1      
6 Exhaust pipe 1 Check for corrosion and deposits Ensure free movement  
7 Warm air hose, left (heater to vehicle interior) 1 Check for leaks Ensure tightness of clamps and good seating  
8 Warm air hose, right (heater to vehicle interior) 1 Check for leaks Must not touch exhaust pipe, ensure good sealing  
9 Clamp for warm air hose 4   Ensure clamp is tight  
10 Warm air hose (heat exchangers to heater) 2 Check for leaks Right hose must not touch exhaust pipe, ensure good sealing  
11 Clamp for warm air hose 4   Ensure clamp is tight  
12 Combustion air blower 1   Check blower fan and vanes for wear and ensure parts are tightly installed Technical description
13 Housing with vanes 1   Groove must engage in projection in heat exchanger Combustion air blower removal/installation
14 Clamp for blower 1      
15 Thermo switch with union nut 1 If necessary, use solvent to loosen Do not bend sensor tube, adjust gap between switch location and union nut (0.31”/8 mm) Thermo switch removal/installation
16 Thermo switch seal 1 Replace damaged seat Ensure proper sealing  
17 Glow-spark plug 1 Box wrench 22 mm A/F Clean and check operation Glow-spark plug removal/installation
18 Plug bush seal 1 Replace damaged seal Ensure proper sealing  
19 Ignition coil 1     Ignition coil removal/installation
20 Ignition cable 1      
21 Overheating switch and cable harness 1 If damaged, replace complete Test overheating switch for continuity Overheating switch removal/installation
22 Clamp for warm air pipe 2      
23 Warm air pipe, left, with adapter for temperature sensor 1   Ensure firm connection and good sealing between adapter and temperature sensor  
24 Warm air pipe, right 1   Ensure firm connection  
25 Seal for warm air pipe 2   Replace damaged seal with new one  
26 Flange for warm air pipe 2   Left and right flange are symmetrically opposite  
27 Hexagon head bolt and washer for flange 4      
28 Temperature sensor 1     Test instructions
29 Clamp for temperature sensor 1