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Car Pricing

The topic of what to charge for a 411 or 412 is quite controversial. There is not enough market data to generate good statistics. Some sites make an attempt to create these statistics, but they should be taken more as a ballpark instead of absolute values. Some of this data is available in the pricing section.

Classified Ads

FRAUD WARNING: If you put up a for-sale ad and get a response from someone who shows interest but wants to pay with a cashier’s/certified check for an amount much higher than the asking price, you are looking at a very popular fraud technique. The person will ask you to send him the difference between his check and the article price ASAP. The check is a forgery - but your own bank most likely cannot tell you until the check arrives at the supposed issuer bank, which denies it. If you get this type of answer on your classified ad the local FBI office is one place that investigates this type of fraud.

The classified ad section on is intended to facilitate exchange of VW Type 4 cars as well as parts and other items like memorabilia. You can request an ad, browse other enthusiasts’ offers or requests and answer them directly on the site.

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