Commercial Vendors

Surprisingly, there are a few commercial vendors out there who sell parts for the Type 4. If you have a VW parts business selling parts for 411s and 412s and would like to be included in this list please let me know about it.

Disclaimer: A listing on this site does not indicate any personal or business interest on my own part. I am not getting any kickbacks and I am not responsible if you are experiencing any problems conducting business with one of these vendors.

Hannoversche Strasse 41
34355 Staufenberg - Landwehrhagen
Tel. +49 5543 94110
Fax +49 5543 941122

Werk 34 has a large stock of NOS and used Type 4 parts from old dealership inventories and parted-out cars. Contact them with specific requests.

Tel. +1 (918) 834-4287
Fax +1 (918) 834-5047 has probably the largest selection of parts online. They cross-referenced Beetle and Type 3-parts and stock quite a few Type 4 only items as well. Their Type 4 showroom also offers some links and pictures. The owners call a 1971 VW 411 4-door sedan their own which means they have a special interest in the car and keeping more of its kind on the road.

Yergen’s Shop
174 Teamtrack Road # 4
Auburn, CA 95603
United States
Tel. +1 (530) 885-0298

Erich Koschyk, Yergen’s son, has established a Type 4 parts and service business out of his father’s shop. He specializes in locating parts and bought a number of 411s and 412s from salvage yards that are used as parts sources. There are plans to start reproducing some items as well. The best way to reach Erich directly is by using email.

2431 Spring Street
Redwood City
CA 94063
United States
Tel. +1 (650) 364-6234

This is a Porsche shop and according to Rich Bontempi, the owner, they have literally taken hundreds of Porsche 914s apart. Since some mechanicals are shared between the Porsche 914/4 and the Type 4 I am listing his shop as a possible source for engine parts.

212 S. 21st Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
United States
Tel. +1 (719) 633-9966
Fax +1 (719) 633-9946

Dave Macon really likes this place. He says they ship anywhere and have some Type 4s around to take parts off of. The owner, Paul Fischer, has helped him a lot over the last 2 years with all his parts needs.

AA Transaxle, VW Transaxle Rebuilding
29924 Northeast 173 Street
P.O. Box 546
Duvall, WA 98019
United States
Tel. (425) 788-4070

Sara Avrams recommends AA Transaxle as the only place for miles and miles that can rebuild the Type 4 transaxle.

Northwest Foreign Auto Parts
6725 Martin Way East
Olympia, WA 98516
United States
Tel. +1 (360) 491-3352

Another recommendation from Sara Avrams: Foreign Auto Parts carries some used and new parts.

Small Car Performance
3716 South G Street
Tacoma, WA 98418
United States
Tel. +1 (253) 473-2474

Sara Avrams found that they carry some new Type 4 parts, they even gave her a new air filter for her car for free.

Volkloco Motors
938 Jourdan Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117
United States
Tel. +1 (504) 944-6275 (Don)

Mark from Volkloco says they have a lot of used engine parts available (cases, crankshafts, cylinder heads etc.).

P.O. Box 401
Momence, IL 60954
United States
Tel. +1 (815) 472-3191
Fax +1 (413) 280-9041

Charles Navarro from LN Engineering contacted me to let me know that they sell performance-oriented engine parts for the Type 4 engine in various price ranges.

3622 Graves Blvd
Arlington, TX 76013
United States
Tel. +1 (817) 274-7890
Fax +1 (817) 860-3768

Charles Navarro from LN Engineering recommended The Bug Stop as a good contact for rebuilding automatic transmissions and beefing them up if needed.

Porsche and Type 4 Engine Parts
Tel. +1 (954) 782-3428

Chris says he has been selling Type 4 and Porsche engine and performance parts since 1982. He is in the process of building a web site, until then you can reach him via email for parts availability and pricing.

D&D General Repair
David Dixon
7893 Hickory Nut Way
Maryville, TN 37891
United States
Tel. +1 (865) 856-2580

David writes that he has 3 411s and 412s for parts, 20 engines in various conditions a lot of other used parts. Shipping is not a problem for him.

Tel. +1 (215) 234-VWVW

Ron from the Bus Depot asked for his site to be included because they increased their 411/412 parts selection and says they now have one of the largest parts selections around for the Type 4.

Raby Enterprises, Inc.
47 Raby Drive
Cleveland, GA 30528
United States
Tel. +1 (706) 219-4874

Jake Raby, the owner, dedicated several websites to Type 4 performance and engineering.His sites provide a wide range of technical information as well as a Type 4 parts store specializing in performance engineering for Type 4 engines.