M 200 - M 299

Code Description Countries Dates
202 Stronger heater and heater blower   from 1/72
206 Dipping inside rearview mirror    
208 Towbar and electrical wiring for trailer towing    
210 Mount point for passenger side rearview mirror    
218 Chrome wheel covers    
220 Limited slip rear differential    
227 Heightened front backrests (integrated headrests)    
230 Detachable front headrests    
236 Fuel injection system (Bosch D-Jetronic)    
237 Chrome trim for standard models    
244 Tinted rear window for sedans    
248 Ignition switch without steering lock    
249 Automatic transmission    
Front headrests as…
  • heightened backrests (standard models)
  • detachable headrests (L models)
260 Rear seats without fold-out armrest    
263 Heavy duty rear springs (wagons)    
271 Replace side parking lights with turn indicators I, DK, A until 10/71
288 Headlight washers in front bumper   from 8/73
289 Rip-off screw heads for steering lock DK from 8/71
298 Interior color Palisander    
299 Arrested rear backrest (wagons) USA, CDN, S  

Country codes

Code Country
USA United States of America
CDN Canada
J Japan
F France
I Italy
S Sweden
N Norway
DK Denmark
A Austria