Finding the numbers

While there is only one place to find the engine code and number, the chassis number (also called VIN number) may be found in various places on a Type 4. The example car used in the pictures below is a US-spec 1974 412 wagon.

Engine code and number


Looking down on the engine, you can find the code and number on the rear (rear meaning “rear of car”) just behind the crancase oil breather tower.

Chassis (VIN) number


All models and markets have a small aluminum plaque in the front trunk, located above the right headlight. This plaque contains the chassis number and a few other tidbits.


For some markets, such as the US, the chassis number was stamped onto a small plate and mounted onto the dash, visible through the lower left corner of the windshield.


Some markets, including the US, mandated stickers with chassis number and emissions information on the b-pillar. The sticker is visible underneath the door catch on the drivers side.


The most inconvenient place to look for the VIN number is under the rear seat. If you pull up the rear seat, you will find the number stamped into the body at the center of the car.