Colors - US Market

These charts show the color- and upholstery combinations available for the 411 and 412 by model year on the U.S. market. “Ltr” stands for leatherette material.


The 1971 model year was very short-lived, it lasted from the first official deliveries in April 1971 until the end of July 1971, after which the 1972 model year began. The brochure for 1971 only shows two body styles: the 411 4-door (the 4-door sedan) and a 411 3-door, which was what they called the 411 wagon for the duration of the 1971 model year. The 411 2-door sedan is not mentioned in the brochure.

  Blue red blick Cork Alabaster Palisander
Silver Metallic Cloth   Ltr      
Quartz Metallic   Cloth       Ltr
Blue Metallic     Ltr [1]   Cloth/Ltr [2]  
Red Metallic     Ltr [1]   Cloth/Ltr [2]  
Deep Sea Green       Cloth/Ltr [1] Ltr [2]  
Shantung Yellow       Cloth/Ltr    

According to David Knight who sent me color copies of the 1971 brochure he received from the VW dealer just before he bought one of those early 411s (thanks David!) the specifications in the brochure do not tell the whole story. The dealer wrote David that Quartz metallic would not be available and that the Shantung Yellow David had selected would come with a Palisander-colored interior as opposed to the Cork color he had chosen.


  Black Blue Beige Alabaster Palisander
Silver Metallic   Cloth/Ltr      
Gemini Blue Metallic       Cloth/Ltr  
Turquoise Metallic Cloth/Ltr        
Sumatra Green     Cloth/Ltr    
Texas Yellow Cloth       Ltr
Kasan Red Cloth/Ltr        


  Black Blue Silver grey Palisander
Marathon Silver Metallic   Cloth/Ltr    
Alaska Blue Metallic     Cloth [3]/Ltr [3]  
Turquoise Metallic Cloth/Ltr      
Maya Gold Metallic Cloth [3]/Ltr [3]      
Texas Yellow Cloth     Ltr
Kasan Red Cloth [3]/Ltr [3]      


  Black Bamboo Mocha
Marathon Silver Metallic Cloth/Ltr    
Alaska Blue Metallic Cloth [3]/Ltr [3]    
Harvest Gold Metallic     Cloth/Ltr
Tropical Green   Cloth [3]/Ltr [3]  
Chrome Yellow Cloth/Ltr    
African Red   Cloth/Ltr  


[1](1, 2, 3) 2-door sedan only
[2](1, 2, 3) Wagon only
[3](1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) Wagon and 4-door sedan only