M 100 - M 199

Code Description Countries Dates
101 All-weather tires    
102 Heated rear window    
103 Heavy-duty shock absorbers    
123 Radio interference suppression F  
124 Amber-colored headlights Export  
128 Whitewall tires    
156 Oilbath air cleaner    
157 Emission control package USA, CDN  
160 Siren kit for German police, ambulance and fire departments    
162 Rubber strip on bumpers    
164 - 174 Various radial ply tire options    
172 Steel-belted radial-ply tires    
174 Textile-belted radial-ply whitewall tires    
182 Front seat shoulder belts    
183 Rear seat lap belts    
184 Front seat shoulder and lap belts not USA, CDN  
185 Front seat shoulder and lap belts with inertia-blocked reels USA, CDN  
186 Rear seat lap belts with automatic retractors    
187 Asymmetric headlights for right-hand drive countries   until 7/71
190 Strengthened doors (US spec) USA from 10/73
193 Emissions compliance (Japanese spec)    

Country codes

Code Country
USA United States of America
CDN Canada
J Japan
F France
I Italy
S Sweden
N Norway
DK Denmark
A Austria