Combustion air blower


  • Remove rubber grommet from blower plug with special pliers, then disconnect push-on connectors.

  • Loosen combustion air blower clamp and remove.

  • Take out combustion air blower.


  • Insert combustion air blower into heat exchanger so that combustion air intake is vertically downward. Secure blower with clamp.


Ensure that housing with vanes is correctly installed in heat exchanger. The groove in the housing with vanes must engage in the projection of the heat exchanger.

  • Push plug and socket together and push rubber grommet over with special pliers.

  • Turn heater on and check operation.


A mesh filter - Part No. 411 261 197 - is bolted onto the intake support for the combustion air fan.


The mesh should be cleaned before the arrival of cold weather. If the mesh is dirty insufficient combustion air is drawn in and the heat exchanger carbons up, which has a detrimental effect on the heat output.

  1. Nut

  2. Spring washer

  3. Mesh guide

  4. Mesh

  5. Mesh housing

  6. Bolt