Overheating switch and cable harness



  • Disconnect battery ground strap, disconnect cables at dual relay and pull out of engine compartment, then remove heater.
  • Turn tensioner on overheating switch to one side, then take overheating switch and cap out of housing.
  • Disconnect cables from glow-spark plug, ignition coil, fuel pump and thermo switch.
  • Remove grommet on combustion air blower motor socket and disconnect push-on terminals.
  • Open clamp for cable harness on heater and remove harness.


  • Connect cables to heater units according to wiring diagram and secure cable harness with clamp.
  • Carefully insert overheating switch and cap into housing and secure with tensioner.
  • Install heater and pull cable harness through grommet into engine compartment. Connect cables to dual relay according to wiring diagram.
  • Connect battery ground strap.