Component removal and installation

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  • Disconnect battery ground strap.

  • Remove rear left coil spring and shock absorber.

  • Detach warm air hoses and exhaust pipe from heater.

  • Disconnect heater cable harness at relay and pull through into space above transmission.

  • Detach fuel hose at connection and close with plug. (Catch escaping fuel.)

  • Remove four nuts and lock-washers from the welded-on brackets on luggage compartment floor, lift heater and bonded rubber mountings and take out toward left.


  • First insert heater and bonded rubber mountings into front and then into rear brackets on luggage compartment floor. Secure with lock washers and nuts.

  • Reattach fuel hose.

  • Connect cables and secure exhaust pipe and warm air hoses to heater. Ensure rubber hoses (not illustrated) seal properly.

  • Reinstall coil spring and shock absorber.

  • Connect battery ground strap and check operation of heater.