No. Description Qty. Removal notes Installation notes Details
1 Combustion air blower clamp 1      
2 Fillister head screw 1      
3 Blower fan with vanes 1   Adjust gap between blower fan and motor support housing to 0.039” (1 mm). Push carefully onto shaft (excessive pressure causes damage). Pressure must not exceed 500 grams (18 ounces). Fan test instructions
4 Socket head capscrew 1 Back off with 2 mm Allen wrench Screw against flat on shaft, seal with Loctite  
5 Cap for motor 1 Replace if damaged Ensure proper sealing, fits over tensioning ring  
6 Cable harness and plug 1 Note colors when unsoldering note markings in plug  
7 Tensioning ring 1 Expand slightly, otherwise tension will be lost Press taper ring (25) far enough into motor support so that spring can be easily installed  
8 Fillister head screw 2   Seal with paint  
9 Cap 1      
10 Rubber grommet 1      
11 Lubricating felt 1   Lubricate felt with lithium grease  
12 Screw and washer 1   After installing, seal with paint  
13 Locking screw and washer 1   After installing, seal with paint Ignition contact breaker removal/installation
14 Contact breaker for ignition 1 Check for erosion and check gap Adjust gap to 0.016” (0.4 mm), no grease on points! Ignition contact breaker removal/installation
15 Fillister head screw 1      
16 Condenser clamp 1   Ensure good ground connection  
17 Condenser 1   Test  
18 Brush spring 2      
19 Carbon brushes 2 Check for wear Note pigtail guide Brush removal/installation
20 Pole housing, armature and brush holder 1 Check for commutator erosion and bearing damage Axial play of armature max. 0.012” (0.3 mm). Motor shaft must not be loaded in axial direction more than 500 grams (18 ounces)  
21 Motor support housing 1   Clean, if damaged install new one  
22 Rubber support ring 1 Replace if damaged Rubber ribs must engage in holes of motor housing  
23 Cheese head screw 2      
24 Motor housing 1      
25 Taper ring for motor support 2   Push one taper ring, with its flat surface first, into motor support housing as far as it will go  
26 Motor support rubber ring 1   Insert rubber ring and taper ring into motor housing  
27 Condenser clamp 1      
28 Condenser 1   Test  
29 Countersunk head screws for contact breaker plate 2   Seal with paint  
30 Circlip 2      
31 Gear shaft 1     Fuel pump contact breaker removal/installation
32 Gear 1     Fuel pump contact breaker removal/installation
33 Locknut 1     Fuel pump contact breaker removal/installation
34 Contact breaker plate with contact for fuel pump 1 Check points for erosion, check gap Adjust breaker point gap (0.016”/0.4 mm) Fuel pump contact breaker removal/installation