Fuel pump contact breaker


  • Remove motor protective cap.
  • Carefully pull blower fan off motor shaft (do not apply more than 500 grams/18 ounces to shaft).
  • Mark position of motor to motor support housing, remove tensioning ring and pull motor out.
  • Remove rubber support ring and securing screws. Pull pole housing out of motor housing.
  • Unsolder cables at condenser, then remove contact breaker plate and gear.


  1. Locking nut
  2. Contact
  3. Breaker point gap 0.016” (0.4 mm)

  • Install gear and check breaker point gap (0.016”/0.4 mm) and adjust if necessary (See Chapter 1.3)
  • Install contact breaker plate and seal countersunk head screws with paint.
  • Solder condenser on, install and secure motor support housing. Install rubber support ring.
  • Push motor into support housing and secure with tensioning ring.
  • Install blower fan with vanes on motor shaft, secure, then seal socket head capscrew with Loctite. Counterhold motor shaft at commutator end with a drift.
  • Pull protective cap for motor over tensioning ring and reinstall blower.