Ignition contact breaker

  1. Locking screw

  2. Securing screw

  3. Breaker point gap 0.016” (0.4 mm)


  • Remove combustion air blower.

  • Remove motor protective cap and cover.

  • Unsolder cable at contact breaker.

  • Remove securing and locking screws and take contact breaker out.


  • Fill groove in thrust washer of contect breaker with lithium grease, then install contact breaker.

  • Turn eccentric on motor shaft against thrust washer and adjust gap of 0.016” (0.4 mm). Tighten securing and locking screws and seal with paint. (The contact pressure should be about 160 grams /5.5 ounces.)

  • Lubricate felt with lithium grease if necessary. Grease must not come into contact with the breaker points.

  • Solder cables from condenser onto contact breaker (use only rosin cored solder).

  • Secure cap and seal screws with paint.

  • Install protective cap for motor over tensioning ring, then install combustion air blower.