Standard Pump

No. Description Qty. Removal notes Installation notes Details
1 Union 1 Hold at pump housing with 17 mm open-end wrench    
2 Strainer 1   Clean  
3 Bleeder screw 1      
4 Special ring seal 1   Adhesive side to pump housing  
5 Pump housing 1   Test winding for continuity, clean housing  
6 Lock nut 1   After adjusting seal with paint  
7 O-Ring 1 Check for damage Moisten with filtered gasoline  
8,9,10,11 Valve body Control valve Valve ball Spring 1   Clean in acetone. If one part is damaged install complete new fuel check valve and readjust Chapter 1.3 and this page
12 Copper seal 1   Ensure good sealing  
13 Valve connection 1   Clean in acetone  

Installing and pre-adjusting fuel check valve

  • Screw lock nut onto fuel check valve.
  • Screw fuel check valve into pump housing until there is a gap “a” of 1.18” (30 mm) between valve connection and pump housing.
  • After assembling, adjust pump accurately on measuring device (see Chapter 1.3).