This is the place to find out about the “ugly duckling” in the aircooled VW lineup, the Type 4. Produced from the summer of 1968 until the end of the 1974 model year it never grew to be the success it was supposed to be. Volkswagen’s Edsel, so to speak, although the final production tally of about 370,000 cars is nothing to sneeze at.

Nowadays they are very hard to find and maintain and somehow the antique VW community seems to have a certain disdain for a car that has amenities like standard gas-electric heater booster, fully automatic transmission, electrical fuel injection and, anathema to any die-hard old VW enthusiast, a unibody construction that does not follow the old “body on platform chassis” philosophy.

FRAUD WARNING: If you put up a for-sale ad and get a response from someone who shows interest but wants to pay with a cashier’s/certified check for an amount much higher than the asking price, you are looking at a very popular fraud technique. The person will ask you to send him the difference between his check and the article price ASAP. The check is a forgery - but your own bank most likely cannot tell you until the check arrives at the supposed issuer bank, which denies it. If you get this type of answer on your classified ad the local FBI office is one place that investigates this type of fraud.