Ink engine markings

The engines used in 411/412 models as well as in the four-cylinder Porsche 914s carried white stampings on the engine tin. The meaning of these stamps has not been researched yet, and there is no official documentation about them. For this reason, Dave Pateman, noted 914 historian, has suggested a little research project: Let’s collect as many of these stamp codes, corresponding engine numbers and VIN numbers to see if they can be correlated and thus solve the riddle.

If you have access to a 411, 412 or 914/4 we need your help! Take a look at the engine, especially the engine tin. Do you see any numbers stamped onto the metal with ink, usually white? Then contact me via email to jens@type4org with the following data:

The more precise data we have, the better the chance at solving this puzzle.

A sample


This is a stamping found on my own car, a 1974 US-spec 412 wagon. It is located on the right rear cylinder head cooling tin and says “567”. Note that an engine may carry more than one stamped mark, and you may have to push aside some hoses and wires to get a better look.