Usage Information

This system relies on a valid and working email address. Make sure you do not mistype your email address and if you can't receive emails yourself use a friend's address and have him print out the emails for you.

You can request to have a classified ad put up on in 2 simple steps:

  • Provide contact information and select the type of ad.
  • Fill in detailed information for the type of ad you are placing.

Keep in mind that you should provide as much information in step 2 as possible. This increases the chance of success for your ad. You can also have a picture of your car or item added to your classified ad. Instructions are sent with the confirmation request mentioned below.

Important note: You will receive a confirmation request at the address listed as your email address from this site after posting a classified ad. Your ad will only be considered for publishing after a reply to this email has been received. All instructions are included in the confirmation email.

To protect your privacy the ad that is visible on the site will not contain any contact information. Email addresses and phone numbers will be deleted by me. Interested parties can use the reply mechanism to contact you. After that you can exchange information freely via email.


Fine Print

Like with everything, there is a few rules to follow if you would like your ad on this site.

The maintainer of this web site reserves the right to refuse publishing a classified ad and is not obligated to provide a reason for this. Furthermore, the site maintainer reserves the right to edit a classified ad if the ad is not clearly understandable or to correct factual data if needed.

In return, the site maintainer promises that your email address will not be publicized or used to spam you with advertising. Your ad will only be published on and if you see all or part of it on another site where you did not post it please contact the site owner so that the issue can be resolved.


I agree to these conditions. Let me place an ad request!