Item for Sale by Ruben Ramirez (Cypress, CA) 2012/08/05
Long block
This item is in Good condition and could be yours for $(best offer)
I have a long Block for which Im told is a type 4 / Porcshe 914 motor and may be a 2 liter. It is clean Markings: On top W0065560 Side: S1 12 / 004 101 101A. I have another one with no marking on top on the side of the block it is marked with: 004 101 102 A. I also have a pair of Heads that have Square exhaust ports marked 029 101 371B & 071 101 371A. I also have a really good driver door. With the wind wing, Ext Door handle and side trim, hinges. It's like a baby blue color. Not exacly sure what it is off off could be type 3 or 4. I can provide pictures if interested. I am in Southern Ca. Thanks! Ruben
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