Item for Sale by Jeff Rufolo (Morris County, New Jersey) 2007/05/29
Rear Seat for VW Type 4
This item is in Good condition and could be yours for $75.00
I have a rear seat for a Volkswagon Type 4 that I am interested in selling. The seat is black vinyl, with a fold down arm rest in the middle. The vinyl itself is not perfect, but it isn't that bad either, very useable the way it is, could use some cleaning. The underframe of the bottom of the seat is amazingly good condition, and the top part of the seat is in very good condition. There are tags in the seats, the orange tag in the bottom seat reads:
421885675C (??? somewhat difficult to read)
Oro Offenburg 01.73

The tag in the top of the seat is beige and reads:
VW Type 4
411 885 775
44-917 SE

From the tag, I believe the seat is from a 1973 VW Type 4. I would like to get $75.00 plus shipping and packaging costs for the seat, local pickup is welcome also. Thanks.
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