Type 4 Wanted by Dan Reed (Jefferson City, MO) 2013/03/17
I am looking for a Station Wagon from Any Year.
The interior should be made of Any Material
The condition of the car should be Good Original and I will pay up to $(Negotiable) for it.
I have a 1968 Kaiser Jeepster Commando with the hard top. It is in very good drivable condition. The original 6 cylinder Buick Dauntless engine has been upgraded to the Buick 8 Cylinder. The 4 wheel drive works and shifts smoothly. It is an automatic. The two front seats and steering wheel have been replaced, but all else is original. It's a beautiful Royal Blue color with a white top.
I'm looking for a VW 412 wagon to putter around town. I'm not that particular on the color, but would like one that runs good and has little to no rust. I would prefer automatic as I am handicapped. That's also why I need to pass along my Jeep. It is a little much for me to get in and out of. The VW also needs to be reliable enough to get me back anf forth to St. Louis (about a 2 hour drive) for health reasons, and family. I appreciate everyone's time and trouble, and look forward to hearing back from you.
P.S. If you would like pictures of the Jeep, please include your email address.
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