Type 4 for Sale by Antonio Bakalski (Sofia, Bulgaria) 2015/09/29
Year/Body Style 1969 (411)   Station Wagon Paint Color red
Mileage 6872
This car has a Perfect Leatherette interior
1.7 l, 59 kw (80 hp), D-Jetronic, 8/69 - 7/73
The overall condition is Excellent Low-Mileage Original and it can be yours for $
Hi there,

I've got VW 411 LE Variant from 1969 on it's original 11068 km with it's original tires, perfect interior and original red paint, for sale . From 1991 the car was stored in a garage, till I bought it and moved it into another one.

This car is precious to me, but I have to sell it. Maybe it's one of a kind!

If you have any interest, write me down. The car is in Europe.

Thanks for the attention.
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