Type 4 for Sale by Ray Rau (St. Petersburg, FL) 2011/08/08
Year/Body Style 1973 (412)   2-door Sedan Paint Color blue
Mileage 99000
This car has a safari Cloth interior
1.7 l, 59 kw (80 hp), D-Jetronic, 8/71 - 7/74 with engine code EA
The overall condition is Restoration Candidate and it can be yours for $700.00

i'm about 4 mths from complete and going to get married instead.
so000,,, lol.
the 1973 412 actual 2 (two) door 4 spd. fuel inj. project has to go...... sadly.
but the car has all the mecahnicals DONE
the brakes are all new...... and engine runs strong////// and the tires are good too. Too many parts to list. The car is towable and needs the bodywork,,and interior completly redone.
other than that...... you can hear it run..... and tow it to your place.
I'm going to have to let this one go.
I have over 1000 in parts alone.
The bosch fuel pump was 500.00 bucks alone.
call me anytime.... lots of spare parts to as i have a show car type 4 411 in garage too ~.
727 512/0497 ray rau st.pete florida 33703
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