Type 4 for Sale by Edward Gregory (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada) 2010/07/29
Year/Body Style 1972 (411)   4-door Sedan VIN Number 4222011765
Paint Color Texas Yellow Mileage 79951 miles
This car has a Brown Leatherette interior
1.7 l, 59 kw (80 hp), D-Jetronic, 8/71 - 7/74 with engine code EA and number 005206
The overall condition is Restoration Candidate and it can be yours for $(CAN) 1500
I've had this car since I purchased it new, drove it for years, and thought I would be restoring it. I'm still attached to it, but I'm getting too old for that kind of thing. I'd like a Type 4 enthusiast to restore it and give it a second life. It was running last in 1996 but I stopped driving it.It has 79951 miles on the odometer, this is about 22872 miles after an engine rebuild at around 58000 miles. The VIN is 4222011765. Bills for the rebuild and in fact, all work performed on it since purchase have been saved. Also have original owners manual and a “Clymer Publications Service/Repair Handbook”. It has some rust in the usual spots, right front and rear fenders and rear engine lid, but nothing structural since it is a Saskatchewan car. It is very original with almost no pieces missing. It is mechanically sound but cosmetically needs some body work. The fuel pump has been removed as it was gummed up with old gasoline but after a lot of gradual soaking now runs off of a 12 volt battery. If anybody out there is still interested in this rare VW model, please contact me. More pictures are available on request.
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