Type 4 for Sale by Rene' Jones (Boise, Idaho (United States)) 2010/06/15
Year/Body Style 1972 (411)   2-door Sedan VIN Number unknown
Paint Color Yellow Mileage unknown
This car has a Reupholstered Cloth interior Cloth interior
unknown and number unknown
The overall condition is Restoration Candidate and it can be yours for $(best offer)
This 411 was purchased by my mother in the late 70's. It had fairly low mileage and was in excellent condition. She was the second owner. She drove it very little over the years and took very good care of it. In the mid to late 80's she had it overhauled. My stepfather made the mistake of adding Ford series transmission fluid to the 411 and the transmission line began leaking. My mother parked it in the late 80's and it has been sitting in a carport ever since. It ran when she parked it and she used to start it about once a month for good measure. Over the last five or so years it has just sat. My mother would like to get it out of her way since she no longer drives it. It looks like every other yellow 1972 411 in good condition, but if seriously interested I can provide more details and pictures. I live two hours away from where the vehicle is stored but will attempt to get additional information upon request.
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