Type 4 for Sale by Henning Grote (Oldenburg, Germany) 2008/08/04
Year/Body Style 1973 (412)   2-door Sedan VIN Number 413 205 3066
Paint Color turquoise Mileage 107375 kilometers
This car has a light brown Cloth interior
1.7 l, 59 kw (80 hp), D-Jetronic, 8/71 - 7/74
The overall condition is Restoration Candidate and it can be yours for $EUR 1800 obo
my 412 goes to market...

It's a turquoise 2 door sedan with manual shift and light brown
interior. Mileage is 107375 km (some 67000 miles). A photo of the car
is posted (Apr 30, 2001) in the "files" section of the Yahoo! Type4 group. The car will go with a barn full of spare parts (various body parts for
sedan and wagon like fenders, doors, hoods, bumpers, windows, sills,
chrome parts - including all the parts needed for the featured 412),
lots of interior parts (seats, upholstery, complete dashboards...),
electric parts (headlights, rear lights, auxiliary heating, engine
management units...), suspension parts and other stuff. Mostly used
but still very usable.

The car is in its original condition, the body suffers from some rust
(but not on the vital parts), the interior is still nice (no stains
or cuts). The 412 is been sitting for a while now but is movable,
starter works, oil pressure builds, engine turns. The car is located
in northwestern Germany and has all paperwork with it.

Well, with family and new job there is not much time left for me to
deal with a "project car".

Hence, the whole bundle will go for EUR 1800,- obo.

Thanks for reading this...;-)
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