Type 4 for Sale by Steve (Fresno, CA) 2008/04/28
Year/Body Style 1974 (412)   2-door Sedan Paint Color white (repainted)
This car has a brown Cloth interior
1.8 l, 56 kw (76 hp), L-Jetronic, 8/73 - 7/74
The overall condition is Good Original and it can be yours for $(best offer)
A good little car that my father inlaw bought new and gave to me last year because he just coulden't stand to sell it. I wanted to clean it up return it to is proper color of "gold" and show it but travel softball is getting in the way. The engine code i listed is a guess it is injected but not sure if it is a 1.8 or 1.7 sitting here at my desk. I you are intrested I will ansew all questions the best I can I do have a lot of info on the car including orignal owners manuel.
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